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Now Sharpening reel mowers

Merriam Park Repair is proud to announce that we now offer reel mower sharpening as a service. 

Despite their simple appearance, reel mowers known by some as "old fashioned push mowers" are actually more complex than they may seem. 

We use a very precise method on a heavy duty machine to sharpen the reel to a finely honed edge. Afterwards, an abrasive lapping compound is used to match the edges of the reel to the edge of the bed-knife. 

The end result is an extremely precise sharpened edge similar to that of a fine pair of scissors, on a much bigger scale. it is our goal to ensure that every reel mower leaves our shop sharper, and working better than when it was new. 

This process takes time, each reel mower can take over an hour, as such we need to do them in the winter, when our customers don't urgently need them. 

Starting summer 2020 we will be accepting reel mowers for sharpening, however we ask that in the future you bring them in during the winter so that we can give your reel mower the precise service that it deserves.

Sharpening, lapping, and lubing wheels and gears typically costs $75 for most mowers.

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 Holiday and Seasonal Hours:

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