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Cordless & Battery Mower Maintenance


A few selling points for cordless mowers and equipment are: They require less maintenance than gas models, they are greener, and they are more convenient. 

When it comes to maintenance, there is a little more to understand. 

Dirt and heat are the most common causes of failure for the small electric motors, and electronic motor controllers that run these machines. When excessive dust, debris, and grass clippings build up on your components, they cause heat buildup that leads to motor failure, or worse. These components are often very costly, and can sometimes cost as much to repair as a new mower.

It is important, at least once a year to remove your units upper motor cowling, and thoroughly clean any debris that may have built up around the motor, or other electronic components. 

Lastly, a sharp blade not only makes for a nicer cut on your lawn, but it also helps your motor so it doesn't have to work so hard. This can help extend battery life, as well as keeping motor temps down, and extending the overall lifespan of your machine.

Merriam Park Repair has a cordless mower tune up available to help you out with all these services, and make the job easy for you, while extending the lifespan of your mower.

Cordless & Battery Mower Repair

As with anything mechanical or electrical, sometimes components fail. If your electric mower isn't running, or is losing power, we can probably help, and we work on most brands. 

It is important to make a proper diagnosis before purchasing parts. For example, a replacement battery for a 60volt Toro would cost around $275 or more, depending on size. It is much better to diagnose the problem, weather its the charger, battery, motor, or even the various safety switches on the mower. At Merriam Park Repair we commonly repair electric lawnmowers for far less than the cost of a similar replacement.


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